The Kitchen


In addition to the Event Center, we have attached a Pit Room at the back that is full of character everywhere you look! A collection of aged bricks, (collected from as far as Prague all the way to New York City) line the pit room floors, antique signs drape every wall you can see, and nostalgic furniture from notorious past East Texas restaurants give you the perfect spot to belly up to some delicious BBQ. Not to be missed, our 9th wonder of the world, the new 20ft. smoker (behind our 8th wonder of the world, Robbie’s smoker trailer) that’s fueled by pecan, oak and hickory and passion! It’s a great place to enjoy football games and sporting events. On any given Saturday you can catch our family dishing out a unique menu of smoked meats and flavorsome sides 11am-3pm. It’s first come first served, so be sure to get yours before we sell out!



Kitchen: Monday-Friday 11AM-5PM, Saturday 11AM-6PM
Pit: Saturdays 11AM-3PM or UNTIL SOLD OUT

Now offering Rib Plate Fridays!